About Us

This website is intended to connect the community of Cosmo City through technology, however people who are not based in Cosmo City can benefit from this website for various reasons, wether you want to buy a house, rent a room or a house, look for business services or opportunities etc.

If a non-commercial event is about to take place and you need to advertise it here, feel free to contact us using one of the channels listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Do you have a need to sell your car, sell house or rent it, do you have rooms you want to rent out, or you want to have your business listed on our website, and in order to promote whatever you are selling, ensure that you have as many visuals as possible, like photos and up to date information regarding your item, logos for your business and concise information relating to your business, please feel free to contact us via our "Contact Us" page.