Welcome to Cosmo City

Cosmo city is a thriving community, experiencing developments every year, from shopping centres to malls, new houses being built in some areas, and filling station being the recent development and a breather to the community of Cosmo City particularly the motorists.

Economically we are growing, from small to medium businesses, from entreprenuers who are selling from the streets to entreprenuers who are operating their businesses from the comfort of their houses, every year Cosmo City is growing, at a fast paced rate, particularly taking into account that few years back, there were no houses or some sort of infastructure, it was just grass all over the place, and a place called home for some and for other a place of business opportunities.

With the help of our government, we have a clinic, multi-purpose centre, more than three parks scattered around Cosmo City, schools, churches etc., Cosmo City a place to be counted amoung the best in the province, just few kilometres from Lenseria Airport, North Gate Mall, however we are at the centre of places of interest.

Together we stand, devided we fall, we love our Cosmo City!!!