This section is dedicated for any size of business, weather small or medium to be listed here with no charge at all, so that potential customers can get their information with ease. Ideal business should be based in Cosmo City and the surrounding areas like Northgate, Honeydew Diepsloot etc.

Businesses play a crucial role in our community as they promote economic activities, and help to eradicate unemployment and poverty within communities around the globe. Therefore its imperative that this businesses are supported by members of the community and the state. Some businesses fail due to owners lacking skills to successfully manage and run their business, or fail to capitalize on opportunities arising such as the use of internet and computer related activities, and some fail due to lack of effective marketing tools such as this website.

The more people get involved in using this website will help businesses improve in terms of their sales and be able to sustain their income and promote employment and in return give back to the community that enables them to grow.

Weather you looking for someone to record your memorable event ever, or to help you repair your broken pipes or need transport, this website should be able to fulfil that need with ease, all you have to do is look for the business that best suite you need by navigating through the menu bar on the your left side.

Please do remember to give us suggestion for improvements wherever you see a gap.